Sony Releases Ericsson LiveView Android Accessory To Control Your Android Phones

sony-ericsson-liveview-android-accessoryIf you received lots of phone calls every hour and you are lazy to pickup your phone from the pocket and pocketing it again after each call cycles, chance is you will love this new accessory launched by Sony for Android Phones.

This little device is called Sony Ericsson LiveView Android Accessory, where it capable of controller not only the phone, it could also let you chekc your facebook, twitter, read RSS feed, reading heart rate or pulse when jogging, controlling your music, and many more.

Sony Ericsson LiveView is some sort of ‘desktop widget’ if you are familiar with Windows OS. Through its 1.3-inch OLED display, you can almost do anything that you can find in the list. It shape looks quite like the New iPod Nano 6G, where it also has a clip at the rear side to clip on your shirt, or mount it on a special wrist mount. Check out the following video for more details:

All interaction is through the buttons and unique touch frame. Sony Ericsson LiveView Android Accessory is only compatible with Android 2.x or later, and it’s weird why it won’t fit with their own Xperia flagships (except the phone is running Android 2.x OS).

The LiveView android accessory is expected to be available later in this year, obviously after the Android 2.1 update has been rolled out.

[via UberGizmo]

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