CoolPad N930 – Amazing High-End Android Phone From China

It’s a rare case to read about the news of “Chinese company has released a high-end phone that will blow your mind away” these days thanks to their God-like skills to clone other’s work. However, the case is really different when we are looking at this new CoolPad N930, an Android Phone that will released in China via P&T / Expo Comm China next month in Beijing.


It’s not only been powered by a fast processing 1GHz processor, the CoolPad N930 is also coming with Android 2.1 OS, titanium enclosure and ceramic buttons!

THe CoolPad N930 is one of the prove that Chinese manufacturer is learning by doing (the clones). Finally, they are capable of creating something worthwhile for the foreign market. The CoolPad N930 comes with 3.5-inch WVGA LCD Capacitive touchscreen, and the system could be upgrade to Froyo or Google Android 2.2 when it has been released. I really like the media player widget that looks so cool and sleek.

However, although it’s looking good, the quality remains unknown. I won’t buy it if it has been released. Not until someone has said “I’ve been using it for months. No problem, no overheating, no joke. I’m totally love it” type of comments. :)

[Sooyuu via EngadgetMobile]

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