Watch oNe: The Watch Concept With Multiple Face Theme

I guess no one that standing in this world that love stale appearance. People keep changing and everything in this world is moving on its own way to its perfection. Now, I don’t know if that is the leverage/motive/main idea for Igor Chak, but Watch oNe is a type of watch concept that would not let your life looks static at all.

watch-one-watch with-multiple-faces

Watch oNe concept is a wrist watch concept with dynamic faces where you can switch the display with a push of button. The Watch oNe watch is using LED-backlit E-ink display, which mean it’s offering a sun-light readability while costing lower on battery life.

watch-one-watch with-multiple-faces-2

According to the designer, when this Watch oNe wrist watch appears in March 2011, the watch’s face could be downloaded via the internet and we can assume that the designer will sold those faces for a couple of bucks while offering users an ‘unlimited’ face-lift for their own Watch oNe. This is quite nice, remember Internet connectivity is very easy, and shopping for ‘Apps’ is pretty popular nowadays.

watch-one-watch with-multiple-faces-connection

Looking back to the watch physical design, Watch oNe allows users to tweak its interchangeable parts, such as the bands, which mean you can find suitable flavor for yourself. The watch itself will be constructed with ABS plastic, sapphire glass, stainless steel and fine leather.

watch-one-watch with-multiple-faces-style

When the Watch oNe appeared, it should set you back at $350 a pop.

watch-one-watch with-multiple-faces

[via yankodesign]

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