New Official Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Is Coming Soon


The leak from GameStop has turned out to be a real information. Nintendo has confirmed that they’ll launch their new Wii Remote Plus soon. Nintendo Wii Remote Plus is a result of tailoring the existing wiimote and MotionPlus into one device without separate part anymore. And the new Wii Remote Plus looks exactly like the current 1st Gen Wii mote, except the smiling Wii marking at the bottom of the controller.

I’m not sure if this kind of new accessories will motivate Wii gamers to get one or not, but as the Sony PlayStation Move launches, many of the Wii fans has started to look away from the Wii. Even it’s new accessory, Nintendo Wii is still a console of the last generation, offering a lower graphical quality and it can’t play HD DVD or Blu-ray yet.

However, it Wii games still has a wide range of sports games to get you moving despite of its graphical quality, so for those who need a cheap and cost efficient exercise companion, Nintendo Wii is style a top choice.

[via GadgetVenue]

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