Official: Nintendo 3DS Arrive On February 2011 In Japan, March For Both US and Europe


Ops, it seems the last speculation about Nintendo 3DS release date is a little bit mis-schedules. The gaming handheld is going to appear in this February 16th 2011 in Japan, not this on November 2010.

Nintendo officially announced this news, and it’s set to release for 25,000 Yen or about $298 USD. So when US and Europe market to get this new Nintendo 3DS? It’s on the early March 2010.

The official announcement also revealed some of the Nintendo 3DS highlighted features and capabilities. Two of the most interesting features that will be enjoyed by gamers in this Spring is the ability to take face photo with its front-facing dual-lens camera and convert it into the Mii version. The Mii data then could be edited via Mii Studio in the Nintendo 3DS.

Other features that come to my interest is the ability to scan for an augmented logo and translate it into a moving and popping 3D virtual animations.

Here is the official demo of Nintendo 3DS:

[via IGN]

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