Sony Preps PSP2 Launch By Distributing The PSP2 Development Kits To Game Developers

Several developers has claimed to received their own PSP2 Development Kit from Sony, and earlier in this month, Netherrealm Studio (the Mortal Kombat Developer) has giving a supportive statement about their possession of the PlayStation Portable 2 development Kit.


However, Sony still keep quite in this matter, But Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick has given out a strong statement to IndustryGamers.

“We’re not launching day one on all consoles like that. We are looking at them; we have a PSP2 in the house and we’re looking at the engine, like what can it support. Always a big thing for us is the performance. We’re running at 60 fps, what can we do and do we have to build all the art assets over. We’re definitely looking at them. PSP2 looks like it’s a pretty powerful machine. We don’t have a 3DS system in house yet, but we’re looking to get one, and we’ll certainly look at what its power is.”

Though there is no further details leaked from his mouth, however, we can safely conclude that PSP2 is a high-end next gen portable handheld game console that could run games at impressive 60fps. Of course, We believe the system is also getting a huge performance boost to allow such a frame-per-second rate. More data will be revealed on next year’s E3 Expo press conference.

[IndustryGamers via NeoWin]

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