WeWood Wooden Watches – Let’s Get Back To The Nature


If wearing a wood accessories sounds like a good idea for you, then you’ll be likely to love this Wooden watches design made by WeWood. It features all wood materials in crafting the watch (except the Miyota electronic parts and needles), making the watch a suitable gear for the eco-lover.

There is a wide range of collection in WeWood’s inventory, where you can find about 8 type of WeWood wooden watches including the beige, Crono, Date Brown and Crono Black.


Despite of its model, All of the WeWood Wooden Watches share the same price mark. You can get the watch for $119 USD a pop + shipping fee (if available).

[via WeWood, CoolHunting, Winarco]

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  • Poulsen

    There are several wood watch companies on the market and these guys are the worst of them. Im a big watch fan and noticed wood watches many years ago yet these guys claim to be original and designed out of italy, yet I spend time in china and have seen these exact watch models sold out of Chinese factories and catalogs where they will just slap your logo on the floor design the Chinese workers came up with. They are also using Ebony which is an endangered species and is ilegally poached! yet they have a whole marketing ploy that says they are all about replanting and saving the planet! Barf! quick money scheme company here!

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