New USB 3.0 Hard Drive: Cirago CST6000 Series

cirago-cst6000-usb-3-hard-driveCirago has made their launching of new USB 3.0 hard drives. There are four models made available under the codename of CST6000 series, which are the CST6025 (250GB), CST6032 (320GB), CST6050 (500GB) and CST6064 (640GB).

All of them are capable of speeding at the transfer rate of 5Gbps offered by the USB 3.0 interface.

Cirago is using 2.5-inch HDD inside their CST6000 series USB 3.0 hard drive, which mean these external hard drive is pretty portable to bring around. As for the backward compatibility, Cirago CST6000 series hard drives support both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 interface.

Cirago USB 3.0 hard drive has been properly protected inside a durable and lightweight aluminum case, however, there is no mention that the hard drive is shock-proof.

[via Cirago]

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