Unique Filterless Air Purifier

filterless-air-purifierNeed to purify your home’s air condition using an unique air purifier? Check out this Filterless Air Purifier from Hammacher!

It’s a new air purifier system that will emits billions of harmless electrons that attach to air impurities and convert them to negatively charged ions, causing the pollutants to gravitate to and bond with the air cleaner’s positively charged collection tube. This filterless air purifier is capable of purifying a large 540 feet square room in just about five hours.

According to Hammacher, this filterless air purifer is capable of removing airbones pet dander, dust, pollen, and even smoke particles that is as small as 10 nanometers! And the best of all, the collection tube is washable for a lifetime without any additional cost to buy new collection tube.

If you are willing to fork out $329.95 for this Filterless air purifier, than that’s all the cost you’ve got to pay for lifetime on an air purifier.

Buy one if you are interested.

[RedFerret via TechFresh]

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