Key U See: The High Contrast Keyboard

Do you remember the Key U See keyboard from the yesteryears?


There is some updates that you might want to know if you are looking to have this easy to read keyboard, even for the elders. From our articles in 2008, the pricing has some changes. Instead of $39.95, Key U See keyboard is now $49.95, practically $10 higher from the old price.


Also, instead of buying from FirstStreet, this keyboard is now available at Hammacher for the exact same price mark. If you are interested, you might want to check it out now.

This is the easy-to-read keyboard with high-contrast keys and enlarged print. The bright yellow keys are labeled in black, san serif type, the same high-visibility color scheme used for highway warning signs. The 43-point characters (about 9/16″ tall) are heat transferred to the keys, after which a UV coating is applied for lasting durability.

The 103-key layout is the same as that on a standard keyboard, with 12 function keys along the top row, plus nine buttons for common multimedia and browser commands. The USB keyboard is rated for 10 million keystrokes, ensuring years of trouble-free typing. Flip-up legs angle the keyboard for comfortable typing. For Windows 7, Vista, and XP

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