Minox PX3D – New 3D Camera With 4 Lenses Promising Glasses-Free 3D Images

Dual lenses is not enough, so Minox has come up with a quad-lenses 3D camera for taking 3D images.


This is the Minox PX3D 3D camera with 4 lenses, where each of them packed with 5MP of resolution and focal length of 9mm. The captured 3D images could be viewed directly on the display that support 3D viewing without actually wearing a 3D glasses.


According to what we have known from the source, Minox PX3D’s 3D display is consist of thousands of small mirrors that allows some kind of optical illusion making the images popped out. Though I’m not sure how it looks like, but it would be a great stuff to wait for. The Minox PX3D is not only capable of capturing images, Minox PX3D 3D camera also capable of recording and saving files in AVI format which later viewable with the 3D display.

Aside from 3D support, Minox PX3D 3D Camera still let you capture the usual 2D images in case you are confused with 3D version.

[via Coated, TechChee]

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