Notion Ink Adam: Showing Off The Enigma UI

After asking users about the color of Notion Ink Adam, the company has going further teasing us on their tablet’s UI.


The image above is rendered by Artur Grzegowski using one of the original Enigma UI design sketches. So it’s not the final retail UI of Notion Ink Adam. However, the rough illustration should be similar enough. Notion Ink Adam tablet is based on OpenGL engine, and according to the claims, their Adam’s UI is going to be heavily accelerated. Also, the design of the UI will not be glossy or Web 2.0 style since they have to suit to the characteristic of Pixel Qi display.

“The UI is totally unique and calls for a very small but crucial change in the Application Architecture to use the UI to the fullest of the extent. [The] UI is largely inspired from real world metaphors like magazines, wire-frames, newsletters. Even the color you will find will remind you of paper” Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink

The video below will show you the demo of Notion Ink Adam tablet prototype. You will find how amazing the Pixel Qi display performance under the sun light, and how good is the multi-touch technology on the Pixel Qi screen:

[via SlashGear]

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  • Brandon

    Do you realize that the UI is not called Enigma? That is a particular theme that comes with rainmeter. Rainmeter is available for Windows and has been for years. Enigma comes as a base for it. Furthermore, there have been no alterations to the above picture to make it even appear to not simply be rainmeter. Please correct this mistake.

    • Hello Brandon, Let me quote another info from other source:

      “Adam will work as a window on one huge desktop, a UI which Notion Ink codenamed Enigma” – Source: Android Community

      It seems Notion Ink’s new UI is going to be codenamed as “Enigma” as well. However, itís not the final retail UI of Notion Ink Adam yet and we will inform you if we have got further confirmation about the UI.

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