Line Block Cable Concept Design

Designer Lee Ji Eun, Yi-Seo Hyeon, Heo-Hyeoksu and Jeong Minhui (hmm.. Pretty much like the fantastic four in cable industry niche!) are trying their hardest in designing useful concept for the next gen cables industry. You know, most people dislike the word of Cable, Cord, Wired or any name that you may have given to that trouble maker which usually nested below your desks. Lots of people want to go wireless and that’s make wireless technology a big boom in this decade.

However, Cable is not always annoying, if the industry know how to make it better to prevent complexity. The fantastic four designer has come up with their own idea of Line Block Cable Concept design, which looks pretty cool in managing cables.


The Line Block Cable would make cables all stick together to the provided slot along the cable, let’s say you’ve for equipments that needs to be plugged in the same outlet, their cable can be united together without external tools to tie them together.

Line Block cables are constructed in such a way that they can tag 2 or more wires in a piggy-back fashion. Essentially this means that if the gadgets have this unique structured cable, they line up one-atop-the-other and split out only near the socket, to give a neat finish.


I think manufacturer should start implementing this idea on their upcoming product. Definitely a smart idea to save consumer from cable hassles while providing the aesthetically touches.

[More: YankoDesign][via Ohgizmo, Wired]

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