Kinect User Manual Revealed: User Need A Spacious Game Room To Play!


Do you think you are ready to jump in to the Kinect controller-less controller? Well, I guess not until you’ve read the Kinect User Manual. The manual suggest users to stand 6 feet away from the sensor in order to be visible, or about 8 feet away if there are two players. That’s pretty a wide space needed, consider both Wii and doesn’t have such a requirement.

It means, Kinect won’t be a nice and friendly gaming gadget if you have a small room or room cramped with furniture. You have either to clean up/move away your furniture or find other gaming spot that you can stand and move freely in the range of 8 feet.

The funny thing is, PlayStation Move also have such a requirement. Perhaps both PlayStation Eye and Kinect has the same sort of viewpoint that would not see your dancing properly if you are not 8 feet away. I’m still proud of Wii that need no such thing!

[1up via SlipperyBrick]

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