TDK Developed Flexible Passive Matrix OLED Panels


A Company called TDK Corp has just showing off their newly developed passive matrix OLED panels. There are two types of the passive matrix OLED panels, the flexible bendable model and transparent see-through model. The display is extremely thin at 0.3mm or less, and the display will not distorted even the panel is bent to a curvature radius of up to 25mm.

TDK Corp is aiming to implement their Passive matrix OLED panels to the future cell phone, where it will enable developer to design their phone with more possibilities. The Flexible passive matrix OLED panels won’t shatter easily as it’s using resin substrate. It would be cool if they the screen is also multi-touch friendly. Tablet manufacturers would be pleased with it and it could unlock even more possibility for the future devices.

[via TechOn]

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