Even More Wow: 1TB Optical Disks Appeared!

You’ve probably wow-ed on the first time hearing a 500GB single media disc called GE MicroHolographic Disc. Now, you might just have another “Wow!” because TDK has just introduced their super storage disc that could store up to 1000GB or 1TB of data!


TDK has ever make a great improvement in storing about 200GB of data into single disc. However, this 1TB version is really a madness. Looking back to the era of 70’s where floppy disk first used. The capacity is really hell and heaven in different in just 40 years of researches!


TDK revealed this 1TB optical disk at the CEATEC, introducing a new technology that could squeeze about 16 layers into a single disc that is about three times in thickness of Blu-ray disc. Each layer is capable of storing 32GB per-side, it means the 16 layers can store about 1024GB in both side.

However, since the uncommon thickness, it may require a special player that has a strong motor to spin the disc around. TDK said they’ve overcome most problem that would block their way to fully roll out this new media into the market. But there is no certainty yet when exactly this type of 1TB disc is going to appear. The pricing alone might cause a trouble for consumer to own one, like the first time Blu-ray or any new media storage appear in the market.

[More Coverage: Electronista, SlipperyBrick, CrunchGear]

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