Game Boat – New Accessory For Microsoft Kinect!

I thought there is no obvious way for accessories makers to squeeze some money from the Kinect’s money cow, but it appeared I was wrong. Latest accessories creation by Atomic Accessories is made for Microsoft Kinect, and you guess what, it’s not a normal accessory that you can find it at both Wii or Sony PlayStation Move. It’s a big inflatable boat called “Game Boat“!


The Blow Up Boat is designed for Kinect Adventures’ game, and it’s ideal that two players game.

Game Boat™ is de facto the first accessory for the peripheral which doesn’t need any. The first product in the Play On™ line-up brings the entertainment of Kinect Adventures™ game out of the tv set, directly in your living room! Game it Real™ ! With this real-size replica of Kinect Adventures™’s awesome dinghy.

Size: 150 x 150 cm. Ideal to comfortably play in 2 gamers simultaneously, still without being clumsy in the living room.
Easily inflated in a few minutes through the practical pump (included). Game Boat™ can also be used in the watyr, at the sea or at the pool, by children and adults.

Game Boat will landed on the virtual adventures game exactly on the same day of Kinect’s launch date on November 4th. Well, if you are really into the gaming, guess it’s not just the Kinect and games that you’ll have to pay on that day…

[via Coolest-Gadgets]
[Atomic Accesories, Source: Engadget and JoyStiq]

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