Robotector iPhone And iPod Cases by Frank Kozik

At the New York Comic Conference this week, Robotector has rolled out series of hard-rock looking case design for both iPhone 4 and iPod touch. The designs are fully empowered by Frank Kozik’s skills in poster design and collectible vinyl toys creation. Of course, the shape of the Tobotector iPhone and iPod cases is comical, complete with the thorny edges, arms and feet.



Our original action figure silicone skin adds (a) character to your mobile device. Somebody reading your email over your shoulder? Robotector will give them a fierce look that will make them go away! People checking you out as you walk down the street? Robotector will shake his fist at them from your pocket! He’s the perfect companion for your urban adventures. Muggers? Not on his watch!

The Robotector iPhone and iPod cases are designed with Durable silicone, so the thorn won’t hurt you at all. The arms could be used as a pocket clip, and the feet is pretty flexible and foldable to allow charging while in case.

The Robotector cases is a Limited Edition cases for iPhone and iPod. And it would be launched in December for around $24.99 each.

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