Microsoft Store Exclusive: Samsung X430 CULV Laptop – A Crapware-Free System


Every times we buy a new laptop, the system has coming with bunch of bloatware or crapware installed, no matter we need it or not. It’s somehow annoying, and some of them even slowing down the performance. However, things are different with this Samsung X430 laptop from Korea. It has no such thing and it even has a Microsoft Signature Image label that means that it’s copy of Windows 7 OS is completely free of trialware and other bloatware.


No one love crapware, my new Sony laptop is full of them and I’ve to keep uninstalling them every times I restored the laptop to factory default settings. It’s really time consuming and I wish they aren’t installed in the first place. With Samsung X430 laptop, you won’t get such hassle.

However, I’m not sure if Microsoft understand the pain of their users or not. Yes, the crapware have been removed. But in exchange of those, Microsoft ‘injected’ another in-house software like Windows Live, Bing Maps 3D, and Microsoft Security Essentials. Are these a trading of crapware with another set of bloatware? It makes no much different anyway…


Specification-wise, the Samsung X430 Laptop is powered by Intel Core i3 ULV processor, GeForce 310M gpu, 500GB HDD, 14-inch WXGA display, chiclet keyboards, webcam, three USB 2.0 ports, DVD drive, Ethernet LAN, VGA port, headphones and microphones jack, and HDMI port.

Samsung X430 laptop will cost you $1,099 a pop.

[via Engadget]

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