Calypso Crystal iPhone Dock – Made With Solid Crystal Glass With Luxurious Touches


Calypso Cyrstal has just made a limited edition of crystal iPhone Dock available to purchase. There are four models available, the Aurora, Beau, Celestia and Dune. Each one of them looks equally luxurious. However, The Aurora models are the one that is specially treated. Calypso Crystal Aurora is only available in 999 units, which each of them individually numbered.

The path of each Crystal Dock begins in the glassworks, where a glassworker shapes the crystal glass mass (glass with added lead oxide). The glowing glass mass, heated to 800°C, is poured into moulds. Since glass cools extremely quickly, the worker has less than 10 seconds and only the most experienced are able to make a perfect flawless crystal.


They won’t cost you a fortune to own one. However, the Aurora model did have a quite high price mark at 349 EURO a pop. As for the other 3 models, they are only costing about the half of Aurora model at 199 EURO.


Limited edition. 999 pieces, each individually numbered. Deep sandblasted and platinum hand-painted. Sync and recharge your iPhone or iPod touch.

Asymmetric contemporary design. Hand cut and hand polished. Sync and recharge your iPhone or iPod touch.

Arcs or flowers design. Medium sandblasted. Hand polished. Sync and recharge your iPhone or iPod touch.

Wave design. Hand cut. Polished to a perfect crystalline shine. Sync and recharge your iPhone or iPod touch.


More information is available at Calypso Crystal website.

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