Canon Cross Media Station Prototype: Induction Charger For Camera And Photo Downloading Automation

Canon Cross Media Station might bring some nice functions for photographers in the next few years. This device is a new prototype by Canon themselves, a device that could both do image downloading directly from the camera then share it to a connected TV via HDMI cable, and it also does Induction Charging to cameras placed on the top surface.

Canon PowerShot Cross Media Station Prototype

Canon PowerShot Cross Media Station Prototype

The Canon Cross Media Station prototype looks just like a slim type of printer with glossy surface. According to the source, the device will have a blue light charging LED light if you have placed a camera above the surface. Aside from rejuicing the camera’s battery, this Canon Cross Media station also capable of grabbing images and categorize them based on several values such as time, place, familiar faces and so on.

Oh pardon? Familiar faces?! Well, yes it seems so. The Canon Cross Media Station might have some kind of indexing and face recognition program that could distinguishes the photos based on the facial shapes. This sounds impressive because there is no such device existed yet for instant photo sorting/categorization.

Unfortunately, Canon Cross Media Station will not be able to make it through this year. According to CrunchGear, it still about two to three years away from seeing a commercial release of this Cross Media Station.

So, unlikely you will find out the pricing any sooner because this stuff is still in its prototype stage.

If you are interested, you can view the demo video of Canon Cross Media Station.

[via GadgetLite, CrunchGear]

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