Gear Wheel IQ Cube – Make Solving Rubik’s Cube Not As Easy As You Think


I am sure speedcubing with this Gear Wheel IQ Cube is impossible. The Gear Wheel IQ Cube is filled with gears on each cube, and its complexity allow you to twists, turns and rotates each mini cubes (that make sounds, too) to find it way back home to the unity of colors.


Crafted by Brando from Hongkong, this Gear Wheel IQ Cube could be categorized as the craziest toy gadgets that might make brain explode if it’s played with too much anxiousness and excitement. Well, it certainly looks interesting. I would get one for myself, too, but not for solving the puzzle, it’s for decoration on my desk. :)

This Gear Wheel IQ Cube is yours for US$11.90.

The GEAR WHEEL!! The New Challenge IQ Cube!! Twist and Rotate it to make other parts rotate also! This new IQ brick is formed from different Wheels, when you rotate it, other parts will be triggered to rotate. This new one that you may never play. Come to Grab one and Challenge!!

[via ChipChick]

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