Pac-Man Ghost Lamps That Shines In Soothing Colors

Halloween is just about 15 days to go, have you prepare your spooky stuffs or decoration to celebrate the spooky night? If you are a gamer who’ve always in love with that retro Pac-man (especially the ghouls/ghosts), here is a charming suggestion for decorating your desk or patio.


It’s a Pac-Man Ghost Lamps that shines in their own colors. Just like the game, there are four colors available for the ghosts. You can choose from Blue, Red, Yellow or White with each of them for $69.99.


Luminary Defense against the Citrine Criminal

Here in the depths of the labyrinth, life is quiet and dark. We ghosts wander the halls – the only things that live here. Pale blue barely luminescent walls and pellets scattered across the floors the only scenery. For we quiet spirits, it’s an idyllic existence. That is, until he arrives.

As that yellow devil wanders around our beloved blue labyrinth, eating all of our pellets, it’s up to us, the living spectres that haunt this place, to stop him. With little regard for our own well-being, we give chase, illuminating the way with the light of righteous indignation from our own bodies. Though he may occasionally beat us, we will ultimately prevail, for now matter how long we fight we only get faster.

He can try to escape – passing through a magical doorway, but that only delays the inevitable. Soon, we have him cornered! He expires – our revels now are ended, our game over. We spirits melt into the air, and await the next interloper. It doesn’t matter – we’ll vanquish him as well as the previous. He shall meet his demise in the glow of our own luminescence.

You too can prevent that canary criminal from eating you out of house and home. Use us to lend a protective glow to your room. We are colorful glowing lamps, designed to bring accent lighting to your own workspace. White, Red, Blue and Yellow – all of us are available for your defense… and illumination.

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