PS3 Slim Laptop Mod By Ben Heck’s Forum User

Inspired by Ben Heck‘s diligent works over the portable Xbox 360 laptop and Portable PS3 laptop, the forum user at Ben Heck’s forum named Low_budget has designed his own PS3 Slim Laptop that looks so sharp and heavy.


It might not qualified as a Portable mod, but at least it could make gaming on the desk quite fun. Low_budget equipped his PS3 Slim Laptop mod with 19 inch 1440 x 900 LED monitor, 2 watt stereo amp and speakers while the system is using PS3 Slim 250GB model.

Nice work, even it’s weighing in 16 pounds, this PS3 Slim laptop mod is still one of the best modification. Head over to Ben Heck Forum for more details.

[via PS3Maven]

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