KDDI X-Ray Phone: A Transparent and Geeky Looking Phone


Geeky, nerdy, or whatever you call it, this KDDI X-Ray Phone is practically made for the people who love the inner beauty of an electronic (in this case, a cell phone). The KDDI has just rolled out an eye-catching phone dubbed as the X-RAY phone that has a translucent casing, giving us a blurred red/black themed insights to the inner design.


According to the source, KDDI X-RAY phone is containing QSD8650 CDMA-ready Snapdragon chip, GSM radio, 1-Seg TV tuner, 8-MP camera, a visible 7 x 102 pixel LED scrolling sub display on the outer side and it’s a clamshell-type of phone.


This KDDI X-RAY phone is going to show off in Harjuku tomorrow. No pricing details just yet.

[Engadget via UberGizmo]

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