Touchscreen Phone: This Guy Is Dirtier Then A Flush Handle In Men’s Toilet!

Have you ever wonder how many germs and bacterias are living above your touchscreen phone’s island of happiness (for the germs, of course!)?

According to the latest study done by Standford University and some other researches, there are about 25,127 of ‘lovely’ germs living peacefully and happily on each square-inch of your touchscreen phone’s surface. Even ‘better’, Standford Uni’s folks stated that a Mobile phone is having about 18 times more bacterias than a flush handle in a typical men’s restroom!


Another fact is also stating that there are about 30% of the germs or bacterias with follow to the human’s body through the fingers contact and it’s likely to grow rapidly elsewhere on your body.

So if you are so happy with your touchscreen phone, just rub them more to your face so more lovely germs will follow to your body. Oh Goodness! 😈

Well, as the medical team will suggest, “Go buy a gloves that could kill germs and keep your touchscreen phones clean everyday!”is and advise that we should pay attention and start cleaning our cell phones with any anti-germs tools that you can find. Oh I don’t want the germs lurking in my face, too!

[via BGR]

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