AAXA M1 Ultimate Micro Projector


Fans of Pico or micro size projector? AAXA has just unveiled their M1 Ultimate Micro projector that support the native 800 x 600 resolution with a better brightness level at 75 Lumens. I guess this might be a better choice for you where you don’t really have to watch your content on a complete dark room anymore.

Well, the common Pico projectors are coming with 15 or 30 lumens at most. With 75 lumens (double of the brightness) it should be pretty good to view in a dim lighting room.

Apart from the better brightness, AAXA has also packed the M1 Ultimate Micro projector with 1GB of internal memory, and an SD card slot to expand the size. Which means you can watch movie or read document without hooking up with your PC or media player.


AAXA M1 Ultimate Micro projector is not a portable stuff when it come to the power option. This pico projector has a no internal battery to self-powered, but you can get an external battery that will let you works continuously for 1.5 hour.

AAXA M1 Ultimate Micro projector has a nice interface in form of a touchpad control and digital keystone at the top side, which let you navigate through the menu easily. And the best of all, beside it’s palm-size, AAXA M1 Ultimate Micro projector is enclosed in an elegant aluminum housing. Beside giving it a better look, it also helps (at least) throwing out heat produced by the projector.

As for the connection, AAXA M1 ultimate micro projecto has both VGA and AV connectors. It means it’s DVD players friendly and you can hook your console to this M1 Ultimate Micro projector as well!

If you are interested, this AAXA M1 Ultimate Micro projector is now available for $299.

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