Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream – The Next Generation OS After HoneyComb


Even it’s still long way to go, Google has already taking their further steps in perfecting their Google Android OS and the information on their 4.0 version has been informed. Unlike Apple that keep their mouth shut tight on their releases, Google is kind of open-minded. After their Froyo 2.2 and Android 3.0 which known as the Honeycomb released, Google is going to aim higher into release their forth version of Android OS called Ice Cream.

This 4.0 version might be a perfection for tablet devices, since the predecessors are aiming for mobile phones.

There is no further details yet on what this fourth version of Google Android OS might do. It’s just a ‘teaser’ to let the fans to have faith on their systems and let them to have something to ‘cling’ on before turning their head away to the other platform.

[Coated via Zath and Engadget]

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