Micron V100 LCOS Mini Projector Made For Cell Phones

Micron V100 LCOS mini projecto main benefit is the small size that could be fitted to cell phone. It’s only measuring at 33mm x 31mm x 12mm, but it has an integrated image engine that will take care of the image projection without burdening the Phone’s CPU. Beside it’s small and smart, this Micron V100 LCOS mini Projecto is also eco friendly. It will cost at a low 1.5W of power on operation, and it could projects 320 x 240 image resolution with its 5 LUMENS of brightness.

Micron V100 LCOS Mini Projector also coming with the company’s HPX technology, which could increase the number of ppi (pixel per-inch) as much as 20% then the conventional projector. The Micron V100 LCOS mini projector is planned to enter to the mass production as early as the end of this year.

[via Softpedia]

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