World’s First Online Test Drive: Test The New Mitsubishi Outlander Sport With Your Laptop!


I know this sounds crazy, but that’s what Mitsubishi want their customers to enjoy. If you have heard about and come into loving (or even just want to know more) about Mitsubishi’s latest vehicle called Outlander Sport, you are lucky! Starting on this November 1st, you will be able to test this car just by sitting at your comfy coach inside your home sweet home. Oh, you’ve got to believe me because this is the new experience of car test-driving offered by Mitsubishi!

Through the collaboration between Mitsubishi, Advertising agency 180LA and a team of robotics experts (as well as software developers experts), they’ve brought us the new system where you can test drive the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport car right through your laptop/desktop window panel. All you have to do is visiting their website at between (November 1st to November 10th) and you will be served with flash apps that let you run the car in real-time on the course of Southern California.


Each Driver will be given a certain amount of time frame (let’s say one and a half minute) to test the car in full control within the defined boundaries of the driving course. Which means you can drive it freely like driving your own car, test the suspension, performance, turning degree, or even you can just try to crash it.


Well, as far as crashing the car, you won’t be able to do it for sure. This problem has been seen as a challenge by the team, so Mitsubishi and their teams has designed a sophisticated GPS system in the car to tracks the car’s movement on the course. When the system detected that user are intending to drive out of the course for their ‘unholy’ mission, the system will automatically takes control of the Outlander Sport and drive it back to the course. I’m not sure if the user in question will be banned and continue to the next queue or not, but you can just try it (but it’s not recommended) if you wish when the online test drive has been live on November 1th.


Of course, this Online Mitsubishi Outlander Sport car test drive is not just an event to let you test drive car in a free-mode. Consumers will be invited to collect “features” during their test drive on the course. There are large painted icons on the course that represent various kind of features on Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. Users will be asked to drive over the icons to collect the features. Well, it’s kind of playing sport games with checkpoint or certain mission to accomplish.

In essence, Mitsubishi and their team will make sure you’ll enjoy the test drive directly via your laptop. Their aim is to change the way for people to shop for a car, without the need for consumers to visit a car dealer for experiencing the car. It’s really a revolutionary idea for car test-driving that manufacturer should adopt in the future. Consumers will be easily pre-sold and it’s far better than any other marketing campaign that only do the talk.


I believe that this test drive even will be a super-crowded with miles of queue. So, we invite you to register yourself on so you can get your early driving experience within the time frame of November 1st to November 10th, 2010.

[Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Vehicle Live Test Drive On Your Laptop]

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