Red Nintendo Wii Bundle Is Up For Grab On November 7th, 2010


In the celebration of Mario’s 25th birthday, Nintendo is going to launch the whole Red version of Nintendo Wii in Japan, and it’s going to strike to US market on November 7th in limited units.

The Red Nintendo Wii is not only coming in all red color, you will also get the Red Wii Remote Plus, which is the latest remote that has included the Motion Plus capability inside!


Could it possibly means that on November 7th is the official launch of the Remote Plus? We do hope so. But there is no statement from Nintendo regarding this matter.

All we know is the Red Wii bundle will be coming with the matching Wii Remote Plus, Red Nunchuk, and a copy of the New Super Mario Bros (UDPATE: including Wii Sports, too!).

This new Red Wii Bundle is going to cost $199.99 when it hit the US’s shelves. Aside from Nintendo Wii, Nintendo also introduced the Red DSi XL bundle as well. This bundle will include Mario Kart DS game, and a Brain Age games pre-loaded in the core. This bundle will be sold for $179.99, and it’s also available in a limited stock.

[via Kotaku, GadgetVenue]

Update: if you are in the UK, you can check out for the pre-ordering details.

UPDATE 2: Amazon is selling the pre-order right now! There are black, White and Red version with different game package. Check out all of them.

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