Rumor: Barnes & Noble Nook Color Version


barnes-noble-nook-color-versionBarnes & Noble is rumored to be delivering their nook ebook reader colorful version on this 26th October, which is just a few day to go. If it’s true, then Nook will be the first branded ebook reader to support color display on the e-ink interface. However, there is no certainty yet to this new colored version. There is a possibility that new Nook e-reader will be running Android OS, have touchscreen even on the main display, and probably would be a 7-inch ebook reader with price tag around $249.

A little bit more expectation (by Devin from Crunchgear) is to see the new colored nook to have Pixel Qi display, which personally I’m also hoping to see this update for the e-reader. Beside it can save more power, the dual mode of e-ink and color display on the same screen is just awesome.

Someone has also found out that Barnes & Noble has registered the domain name “” since March 2010, but it’s recently updated. You can see the details via the record. There is a BIG possibility for the Nook color to appear in next week. Well, stay tuned for the update.

[via Gadget Venue, CrunchGear]

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