Fresh Water Crabs Vending Machine Spotted In Shanghai

I’m sure this is not a joke. A fresh water hairy crabs vending machine has been publicly available in Shanghai, at one of the store frontgate selling a fresh (a.k.a. living) hairy crabs that has been half-frozen by the vending machine.


It’s really a dare company to vending machined a living ‘product’, which tend to have a difficulty in maintenance alone. However, the machine was told that it’s smart enough to detect which crab in the vending machine has R.I.P. and which one has still left some soul inside the hard shell (which considered as fresh crab).

This is not a type of animal cruelty since all the crabs stuffed in this Vending machine is on their own dormant stage because they are half-frozen. Also, there is a great deal for buyer who’ve found themselves a dead crabs vending through the machine. They will be awarded with another three alive and kickin’ hairy crabs as the apology to the buyer.

Well, just hope that you’ll get the dead one instead of fresh crab. It’s just like getting a jackpot in the casino’s slot machine.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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