MSI GE603 15.6-inch Budget Gaming Laptop Unveiled


MSI has just unleashed their new budget gaming laptop dubbed as GE603. This laptop will get the strong graphic card treatment, which is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M that has 1GB of dedicated GDDR3 VRAM, and fulling supports DirectX11. As for the CPU specs, MSI GE603 budget gaming laptop have the options to choose from Intel Core i5-460M, Core i5-450M and Core i5-430M. Each specs will featuring different pricing, but it won’t go as high as $2000.

Other important features on MSI GE603 budget gaming laptop includes the option to choose from 320GB, 500GB or 640GB hard drive storage, and the other features stay the same across all models, such as the 720p webcam, 9-cell battery, USB ports, HDMI output, 15.6-inch LED Backlight screen, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GbE LAN, Windows 7, 2.1 channel speaker with SRS Premium Sound, and a DVD Super multi drive.

No idea when MSI will ship this GE603 gaming laptop yet. Press Release as follow:

Powerful and Light
The MSI GE603 is your top choice for mobile gaming
MSI unveiled the GE603, its newest 15.6-inch gaming notebook computer, featuring Intel’s powerful Core i5 processor with nVidia GeForce GT 425M discrete graphics card to maximize your mobile gaming and multimedia entertainment experience.

Taipei—Once again demonstrating its outstanding R&D capabilities, MSI rolled out the revolutionary GE603 laptop designed specifically with the gamer in mind. It packs the high-performance Intel Core i5 CPU with the powerful nVidia GeForce GT 425M discrete graphics card which supports DirectX 11. What’s more, to enhance the layered wrap around cinema sound, it is equipped with SRS Premium Sound™ which boasts powerful processing capabilities and supports 7.1 channel output. This unbeatable gaming computer is also very light and comes with the best multimedia components available, making it the ideal entertainment center for the individual on-the-go.

MSI Marketing Director Sam Chern points out that responding to consumer needs, MSI is introducing the high-performance 15.6″ GE603 gaming laptop with cutting edge hardware and software as well as an all-new exterior, a high-definition 720p webcam, and the latest SRS Premium Sound™ to provide consumers with a highly mobile gaming machine.

Top choice for gamers

Intel® Core i5™ processor: The MSI GE603 boasts under the hood the power-sipping, high-performance Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Turbo Boost and Intel® Hyper-Threading technology for dynamic enhanced processing efficiency which throttles up for load-hungry games, handling much larger amounts of data and greatly enhancing overall system performance.

nVidia® GeForce® GT 425M discrete graphics card (1GB GDDR3 VRAM): To provide consumers the best multimedia entertainment performance available, the MSI GE603 features the nVidia GeForce GT 425M discrete graphics card with 1GB GDDR3 of display memory for higher display performance and lower power consumption. It also supports DirectX 11 to maximize 3D graphics for smooth, true-to-life visuals, no matter what game you’re playing.

SRS Premium Sound™: In addition to superior display performance, the GE603 has two cinema-grade speakers, SRS Premium Sound™, and 7.1 channel output for ultimate sound.

Plenty of battery power

ECO engine power saving technology: The GE603 also comes with MSI’s own ECO engine power saving technology which allows you to select from among five power management levels—Video Game, Film, Presentation, Word Processing, and Turbo Battery, at the touch of a button.

Cinema Pro technology: The MSI GE603’s powerful hardware not only optimizes your gaming experience, when the magic wands and battle axes are put away, it’s the ideal medium for viewing films. One touch of the Cinema Pro button switches you over to film mode for higher display resolution and richer colors. It works together with the SRS Premium Sound™ and woofer to further enhance your multimedia entertainment experience.

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