Properly Cooked – The Android GingerBread OS Launched [Official Release]


Google has finally officially released their new Android OS – the Gingerbread. After taking its good time in the Google’s Oven, the Gingerbread has finally make its appearance in the Google’s front yard. It’s not only about the new release, it’s also about the new mascot that Google will have in the future. The employees has set up the nice smiling giant GingerBread mascot at the front yard, along with some tasty looking bread that loved by the giant. Well, I guess it’s non-edible or the ants might just snap it away from Google’s front yard. 😉

After this release, Google Android Gingerbread will start invading the mobile phone market, as well as tablet PC market as an revolutionary updates for the system. However, there is still no official announcement from Google about the exact version of this Google Android Gingerbread, which has risen lots of speculations and debates about the 2.3 vs 3.0 version.

However, over at IntoMobile, they’ve got the source where a Google Engineer is stating that the Gingerbread OS is 2.3, where the 3.0 will be the next gen HoneyComb OS. Though I would have no problem calling it with whatever they like. As long as the OS upgrade will give a significant performance boost, I’ll just sing along.

UPDATE: The Android Gingerbread requires a bit higher of recommend specs, which is 1GHz of CPU and 512MB RAM

[via GadgetSteria]

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