Sharp Pulls Their Feet From The PC Market


After for awhile staying quietly in the PC market, Sharp has finally announced that they will stop manufacturing and selling their PC products in the market (including any laptops or desktop PC). Even though their PC products are great like the Sharp Mebius PC-NJ70A, it seems they are not making enough profit in this market. There is no statement from Sharp that they are losing money, though. So we cannot simply assuming they are losing money.

According to Sharp themselves, the main reason for them to retreat from PC market is to have their full attention to their Galapagos ebook reader tablet which will hit Japan next month, and to develop a better Netwalker series in the feature. It seems Sharp is just want to pull out from the large old niche and indulging themeselves into the new market of tablets and small system.

Sharp also stated, their cease in the PC market is a in a form of ‘Strategic’ movement, it’s likely they’ll coming back to the PC market in the future with more surprising product to crush the market.

[via AkihabaraNews]

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  • This should be a hard decision. I’ve tried a Sharp laptop recently, it’s really good. But comparing with the others, Sharp hardly has a bigger market unless focusing on laptop or PC only. Hope that they will be sucess in tablet market.

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