Buffalo Also Entering New BDXL Burners In USB 2.0 And SATA mode

Buffalo along with Pioneer has also announced their very own BDXL burner, where both of them should be considered as the world first BDXL Blu-ray burner in the world. Similar with Pioneer version, Buffalo BRXL-6FBS-BK drive is a BDXL drive that support 3D blu-rays playback.


The speed and performance is identical with Pioneer BDR-206MBK BDXL PC Blu-Ray Burner, it’s capable of handling that 128GB drive, especially the 4-layer and 3 layer BD-R XL discs at 4x speed, but Buffalo has got two version which could be used for external via USB 2.0 port (model BRXL-6U2) and internally installed in Desktop PC via SATA interface (model BRXL-6FBS-BK).

Buffalo have unveiled their BRXL-6FBS-BK drive that supports the same BDXL discs as the Pioneer and plays 3D Blu-rays. Buffalo will be shipping the device in Japan next month if all goes to plan, with an open price model.

BDXL PC Blu-Ray Burners BuffaloIt will be available in both an external (USB 2.0) BRXL-6U2 and an internal (SATA) BRXL-6FBS-BK.

[Via CrunchGear]

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