Ortustech Unleashes The World’s Smallest Full HD Display At 4.8-inch

I guess no one has ever heard about Ortustech at the moment, but we are sure that this name would be echoing in the web millions of time soon because they’ve pioneered the world’s first smallest Full HD display at 4.8-inch. This has really put Apple iPhone 4 greatest Retina display into the shame!


The Ortustech is a joint venture between Casio Computer and Toppan Printing company, though we are not sure why printing company is meddling in the display market but they’ve really just set the world’s record and Apple might be threatened with this new tiniest Full HD display.

The screen is featuring 16.8 millions colors, has 1920 x 1080p HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT) with 160-degree viewing angle before the color turns weird, and it has 458ppi, practically better than iPhone 4′ Retina display at 326ppi.

It’s amazingly vivid, clear and details, all that left is to see which company is gonna grab this Ortustech display first, and then build it into their next gen gadgets to challenge Apple once again in mobile display technology. Oh well, competitions are a never-ending stuff in this world.

[Impress via NewLaunches]

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