PSP2: To Have Backside Touch Control and HD Display


Reported by Kotaku, PSP2 is rumored to have a backside touch control that could be used to control certain in-game action, and a HD display that is about an inch larger than the current PSP. There is no further news about the spec, but we assume that Sony has show their PSP2 capability and features to some selected developers so they can start developing the game for this new PSP2. It’s just not the time yet for them to release the full details.

At the moment, it’s reported that Sony is currently improving their internal hardware of PSP2, and preventing any overheating problem cause by the fast processing specification that allow games to operate in 60fps environment. The release date of this PSP2 might drop at the Fall season of the 2011, and perhaps we should be able to see this new baby on the show in the E3 Expo next year.

[via Kotaku]

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