SpyNet Mission Video Watch Let You Spy In Stealth Mode

If you want to be a secret Agent 007, 008 or whatever 00X super secret agent, you must have to own your super ‘toy’ that can help you spy on the enemy/target. Here is a suitable spy watch that looks pretty like a children’s toy (and you’ll be a hilarious agent when wear it on your wrist), but it’s an amazing spy tools that could record sounds, video and capture pictures (in time lapse mode too)!


Real spy gear disguised as a kid’s toy.

The biggest disguise every with the SpyNet Mission Video Watch is that it looks like a children’s toy. It is not. The tech crammed into this watch is astounding, and all the gadget fiends here want one. Basically, it’s everything you could want crammed into one cool looking watch. Read on, and become enamored with the SpyNet Mission Video Watch, too.

Ok, sound recorder, video recorder, still picture cam (with time lapse) – check, check, and check. But then cram in some downloadable spy missions, games, and apps, and you’ve almost got a full list of the SpyNet Mission Video Watch’s features. And get this: it tells time, too! And, if you really need to go covert, snag the Snake Cam Add-On. This little beauty plugs into the watch and lets you look around corners (or hide it in your sleeve and have it peek out a button whole. Seriously, look at all the features below and fall in love (and buy) your own SpyNet Mission Video Watch.


Looks pretty stealth, especially with the snake Cam Add-On. The watch itself will cost $59.99, and adding the Snake Cam add-on to your pocket will cost you an additional $29.99. It’s pretty an expensive add-on, but it’s a great add-on that let you spy your target in a better perspective when your wrists are limited.

Interested? Check out more information at Thinkgeek.

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