Rumor: JooJoo 2 Tablet In Development – Coming Next Year


We haven’t heard anything about JooJoo tablet for some time now. But lately there is a new rumor stating that Fusion Garage is currently working on the 2nd generation of JooJoo tablet, which will be running Google Android OS in ‘half mode’ that disable the capability of accessing the Google’s Android market.

JooJoo 1st generation is not really one of the tablet PC that will come to our mine when we speak about tablet. However, it’s one of the coolest tablet that we have seen at the time.

But perhaps due to the lack of marketing, we haven’t heard anything at all. Also thanks to the fast stream of new tablet entries, the JooJoo name is kind of ‘forgotten’ and covered by tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Notion Ink Adam, BlackBerry Playbook and more.

We really do hope that Fusion Garage is working on the second version. But this has to be take with a pinch of salt since the rumor is not confirmed by Fusion Garage themselves.

[via Gizmodo]

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