Elecom MR-C25 Series Card Reader With Rotating Body

Elecom from Japan added a nice new MR-C25 card reader that has a 180-degree rotatable body so user can insert their memory card in a better position.


Elecom MR-C25 require to occupy 1 USB 2.0 port, and it’s unlikely you can have anything plugged near this MR-C25 card reader when you set it flat with your laptop. It will enclosed/blocked all ports opening near it and it’s impossible to use them. However, it can be positioned vertically standing upward so you don’t have to worry about it.


Elecom MR-C25 support SDXC card, MicroSD card and SD card. It will be released in Japan for about $25 USD (¥1,995).

[Elecom via GadgetLite]

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  • So it has only 2 slots: one for microSD card and one for SD card? Hm, I have a card reader (a super cute pig card reader, it’s a pink pig lOl), which has 4 slots. Maybe, in my opinion, I prefer mine more than this one.

    • Hi Cindy.

      If I’m you, I’ll absolute go for the cute one as well :)
      But people might have different tastes, and probably would love to have something unique for their computer system. When this urge’s coming, I guess they can try this Elecom MR-C25 out.

      But the downside if that you’ve to buy it at Japan. Or wait until GeekStuff4U or other Japanese product importer stock them before you can get one.

      Thanks for commenting, Cindy!

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