Nook Color Is Real And It’s Officially Launched


Barnes and Noble has finally lifted the curtain and show us the real face of the nook color ebook reader. It appeared the leaked image and rumor are true after all.


Barnes & Noble Nook color is coming with 7-inch color LCD touchscreen, no more secondary screen to show book covers, and it’s powered by Android OS with some sort of limited access.

Many people thing this new nook color could be used like a casual 7-inch tablet PC, but it seems it’s not like that (except if you can hack into the system). This Nook Color is coming with Android OS, but it’s impossible for users to install third party Apps and no way you can access to Android marketplace. It’s only Apps approved by Barnes & Noble that you can install into this new Nook Color ebook reader.


It might be a downside from some users, but you have to remember that you are purchasing an ebook reader with colorful touchscreen, not an Android Tablet where you have the freedom for you to install anything you want. But nook color can be used to play games and as a media player, too. The full file format supported by nook are as follow:

  • EPUB (including Non or Adobe DRM)
  • PDF
  • Graphics: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP
  • Audio: MP3, AAC
  • Video: MP4

Nook Color has no 3G features, but you can go online via WiFi hotspot because it has a built-in WiFi connectivity. Through the collaboration with Conde Nast and Hearst, you can subscribe to color magazine as single issues and as subscription. There are over 2 millions of Titles provided at Barnes & Noble Store, including colorful kids books and bed time story.


For the reading fun, Nook color has the capability to let you share comments and excerpts to e-mail, twitter or Facebook directly from nook color ebook reader. It’s pretty nice, however, nook color ebook reader is not using e-ink display anymore. Which mean, the battery life is hugely decreased from the previous model of e-ink nook reader, and now you can only enjoy reading through nook color for 8 hours at max (per-charge).

Barnes & Noble nook color is coming with 8GB of internal storage that let you store up to 6000 ebooks, but if you think it’s not quite there, you can add another 32GB via a microSD card and you can load horde of ebooks and multimedia files into this ebook reader.


The price factor is quite disappointing. Instead of getting a cheaper release, Nook color will cost you $249 (Wi-Fi Model) per unit. It’s $100 higher than the nook 1st generation e-ink version.

But it’s all depend on you. Do you want to enjoy the new colored nook? Do you want to enjoy watching MP4 movie via nook? Do you valued appearance more than performance?

If you do, then I believe you won’t mind paying extra money to get what you want. Head on over to Barnes & Noble to find out more about this Nook color ebook reader.

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