Sony PlayStation Phone – Fake Or Not, It’s Just Interesting


Recently the news about the leaked image of the upcoming Sony PSP 2 called the Sony Playstation Phone is spreading like wild fire in the blog-o-sphere. It’s entirely a new platform, or should I say it’s a Gaming Handheld and Smartphone Combo. It looks pretty cool since we have no need to bring two devices along with us when travelling, especially if you are a hardcore gamers that can’t live without your handheld console.

The Sony Playstation Phone leaked was rumored as the prototype of the PSP2, powered by Android OS (most-likely it would be that sweet honeycomb 3.0 version), get the twice as fast as 3DS performance using 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor, 512MB RAM, 1GB of ROM, 4.1-inch large multi-touchscreen, slide-out gamepad like PSP Go, and including the rear touchscreen panel which has been shaded away in the picture.


Rumors are saying that PSP2 is going to perform at 60fps, and I guess it’s possible because of the strong processor. Even better, the HD display might not just a false news. Some said it’s fake, but later it’s confirmed about the existence of PlayStation Phone and probably would running with a system called Z-System.


Wiht all the speculation out there, we can’t make sure which one is the most accurate one. But we personally would love to have something like Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and Sony PSP Combo in our pocket. It’s not only useful for business, it’s also great for fun when alone. Kind of a one stone two birds strategy if Sony create PSP2 as a device like this.

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