E-King S700 e-Notepad – World’s First Electronic Notepad


Dubbed as the World’s first electronic notepad, E-King S700 e-notepad is sure a promising electronic jotting pad that is suitable for every journalist or writer. E-KIng S700 e-Notepad is a tablet device that display in color just like a common tablet PC, but it has special capability to store original handwriting, handwritten input, and handwriting annotation as well.

E-King S700 has 7-inch display, resistance touch control type of display and it has electromagnetic induction touch controller as well. Beside taking notes in the rush mode, E-King S700 e-Notepad also allow us to go online via 3G connectivity, or via the nearest WiFi Hotspot. Aside from internet connectivity, E-King S700 also has a 3-MP camera with auto focus that let you snaps photos like a camera.

[via Ubergizmo and SlipperyBrick]

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