Note Me Pillows – Pillows That Let You Rest And Jot Down Ideas


Do you ever found yourself awake in the midnight and there a bunch of business ideas splashed out from your brain? you tried to note it down but can’t find any paper? If “yes” is your answer, this Note Me Pillows might be your best partner in sleep.

It’s very rare to have ideas popped out inside your dreams and you are still remembering them clearly when awake. Except if you are Zen master, I think that would be possible. But just in case such things happen in your life, this Note Me pillows will be the only place for you to pour your ideas in instant when you are shocked awake from your dreams.

Or perhaps not just a midnight dreams, a nap at your office desk might also gives you some sort of inspiration that worth noting down. This Note me pillows is using a special marker for writing into the pillows, which the writing could be erase by rinsing the case under cold water. Since the writing space is not as large as you think, getting a couple of them should be advisable if you are a nuts at noting down ideas from your subconscious mind.

Note Me Pillows are available for $26 a pop, and they are available in five different colors such as green, yellow, white, orange and red.

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