Would You Like Some Angry Birds? Pre-Order The Plush Toys Now!


Wow, Angry birds plush toys? Looks cool, and No, it won’t blast our home away with their ultra-hard head-bumps so don’t worry. You are not the one who eat their egg, so chance are these Angry Birds plush toys will be very friendly to you and your family.


You could pet them (but not raise them), kick ’em, punch ’em, squeeze ’em or do anything you would like to do with this plush toys. Just don’t let these angry biirds plush toys become your dog’s prey or it would be so dirty and disguising. The Angry Birds plush toys are now up for pre-order, so if you have some spare cash left untouch in your treasure box, you might want to get some of them and let it become your living room decoration.

These Angry Birds plush toys are going to cost you $14.99 a pop, and you get to choose from the Yellow, Black, Blue, Red and White bird. Pre-orders will be shipped early in December, which is just in time for a cold season hug while you’re hiding in a thick blanket playing the Winter Angry Birds version. Oh I’m sure hope they’ll get something like a Christmas Angry Birds out for fun as well, since they’ve already got a Halloween Angry Birds! :)

More information about the pre-order is available at ToyWiz. Go do some search on “Angry Birds” on their search bar and it will show you the five hard-to-die team of feathery folks!


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