Chinese Supercomputer Outperforming US Processing Speed Record


Last year on November 2009, US-based Jaguar – the Cray-built supercomputer at Oka Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee has claimed the crown of the world’s fastest supercomputers title that has amazed the world on how great the supercomputers are. Fast forward one year ahead to 2010, this title has been snatched away by Chinese National Supercomputing Center the supercomputer Tianhe 1A that has over 2.5 petaflops or 2.5 thousand trillian calculations per second, which is about twice as fast as the fast running Jaguar! So what is this Tianhe 1A? A speed racing demon?! :)

With such a performance, Jaguar looks like a child toy to them. The SuperComputer Tianhe 1A have been powered by 14,336 of Intel Xeon Processors and up to 7,168 NVIDIA graphics processor. Considering they are using the highest Intel Xeon Processor that cost about $2,000 a piece, and $600 for the graphic card. The system will cost $32,972,800 (excluding cost for memory, mainboard, casing and any other whistles and bells!).


Well, thanks to this superfast and superexpensive settings, this supercomputer Tianhe 1A has swapped the first place with US’s Jaguar and become the TOP500 list of world’s fastest supercomputers.


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