IMC Meets Howest: The First Computer That Runs On Solar Cells


Designer Jan Leyssens, the one of creator of “IMC Meets Howest” laptop claims that the system to be the first laptop that could be powered up by just two solar cells! It sounds amazing, considering a laptop require a constant 12V stream of electricity to power up the system properly, using only two solar cells to charge the laptop battery is simply amazing.

This IMC Meets Howest project is using Eee PC as the test object and they’ve dismantled the laptops battery and place it next to the solar module. You can view the details of their prototyping at IMAC Meets Howest Blog


Research question:
Research in a structured and methodological way the possibility for integration of IMEC’s large area solar cells in daily used products. The solar cells must create an added value to these products and emphasis the strength of new solar technologies.

Try to power as much using 1 or 2 cells only.

This research resulted in the first laptop that runs on 2 solar cells only and is fully designed in the spirit of virtualisation.
By combining the mobility of a laptop with the power generating capabilities of the solar cells, an ultra-mobile device is created.
The fully working prototype can be seen as a fully worked out proof of concept. It uses solar cells to the max and can inspire people to reconsider the use of alternative energy in daily-used consumergoods.

[Jan Leyssens via TheDesignBlog]

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