NES Controller iPhone 4 Case

Retro console lover might want to check this out. It’s the new iPhone 4 Case that featuring the shape of our old school NES Controller’s face!


This is the NES Controller iPhone 4 case that recently has been set to sell on GeekStuff4U. The case is made from Polycarbonate resin, which a very strength material and added an UV resistant feature to make this NES Controller iPhone 4 case an undeniable case for every Retro geeks to have one. It will fit on iPhone 4 perfectly, but don’t ask me if it could contain that phat iPhone 3GS or not.

This NES Controller iPhone 4 Case is currently on sale for ¥3,890.00, which is about $48.3 USD.

Also check out the old school game boy color iPhone 4 decal that will turn your iPhone 4 into a retro gadget, too!


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